A Team For Peace: Documentary: Writer


I was writer of this hour long documentary that ran on CTV and on television outlets in Netherlands, Norway and Israel. I came in during the first edit and participated in structuring the story with the Director and Editor, writing the narration and helping direct the performance by RH Thomson. ( He doesn’t need much direction!)

Touching, passionate and provocative, A Team for Peace follows the riveting journey of a group of pre-adolescent soccer players, half of them Arab, half of them Israeli, who are put together to play on an all star team – The Peace Team – and compete in the world’s largest international youth soccer tournament.

Behind the concept team is the powerful force of Johann Olav Koss, one of the greatest winter Olympians ever and founder of children’s charity Right to Play, which promotes conflict resolution through sport in more than thirty impoverished countries. Can mutual respect and understanding be discovered on the soccer pitch? More important, can it be translated to off field life in the tinderbox of the Middle East?

A Team for Peace is a true heros journey as we watch to see if the children can overcome centuries of hate and emotionally documented personal tragedies in search of a peaceful future together.