Another important element of the Tim Horton’s/Enbridge debate

Amidst all the hubbub and furor over Tim Hortons being threatened with a boycott if they didn’t stop airing an Enbridge ad in their stores and then being boycotted because they stopped airing the Enbridge ad in their stores there seems to be an important bit not reported.

While it is reported simply as being an Enbridge ad running in-store, that doesn’t quite tell the whole story. It isn’t like somebody from Timmie’s just sold some ads and put them in the video loop and one of them was Enbridge.

The ad in question is actually a sort of endorsement or at least a quasi partnership between the restaurant and the the energy company.

It is an ad in the ‘Life Takes Energy’ series in which Enbridge demonstrates that while they are not physically there for the big and small moments in your life, they are behind the scenes providing the energy.

Here’s the whole campaign »» and some typical announcer copy from it:

We didn’t buy the pancake mix. Or make sure there was enough maple syrup in the house. But we did deliver the natural gas to make dinner the way only Dad can do it. When the energy you invest in life meets the energy we fuel it with, breakfast for dinner happens.

The specific copy for the commercial in question is/was:

We didn’t roast the coffee beans. We didn’t stir the soup. We didn’t box up a baker’s dozen. But we did help produce that perfect Tim’s percolation. When your energy meets ours, java joy happens.

So without me getting into the debate about whether or not Enbridge is a nice company or they should run pipelines across this country or others, this was a definite case of Tims sticking its neck out to be associated with another company – as I said, far beyond just a random Enbridge commercial running in their stores.

This was at least a quasi endorsement of the energy company, so whatever the backlash is, I’d have to say Tim Horton’s, if not completely deserving it, should have at least recognized that there might be some controversy.