Georgian Bay Land Trust Radio – Writer/Director

Simple is almost always best. But oftentimes not easy to achieve.

This is one of those campaigns where nearly everyone who has heard it has liked it and remembered it immediately.

It actually came to me at the last minute because the other concepts I was working on were getting complicated. I was thinking of putting some wilderness sound effects behind them, so I listened to some on the internet for inspiration. And it did indeed arrive.

The GBLT is a charity and many people pitched in on these. Thanks to:

Silent Joe Productions, Jody Colero, Producer Jane Heath, Samber Productions and Engineer Colin Caddies, the talent and their agents: Victoria Sullivan (Lorraine Wells), Sadie Alter (AMI) and Reg Dreger (Noble Caplan Abrams), and David McDonald and Leeanne Comish of M2Universal for the media execution.