Georgian Bay Land Trust: Writer/Web Consultant

The Georgian Bay Land Trust is one of about 5 organizations that are known within the ‘Georgian Bay community’ for caring about the state of the environment along the eastern shore – Honey Harbour to Britt.

The problem is that no one is exactly sure what each of the organizations does. Are the involved in issues of the water level? Environmental management? Tax rates?

The task was to state clearly that the Georgian Bay Land Trust protects – in perpetuity – the land that is donated to the organization. Nothing can be built on that land, it is there solely for the protection of the habitat and the enjoyment of (daytime only – no camping) visitors.

This campaign runs on posters throughout the area, on billboards, beer coasters (in partnership with a sponsor) and as magazine ads and newspaper ads – from full page to business card size in local publications.

I also worked with the good people of Envision Online who developed the look of the GBLT’s new website. WIth my knowledge of both communications and software development I was hired to oversee, tailor and implement the site »»