Mobile software start-up I co-founded raises $2M in Series A financing

For the past four years I have been part of, a software company that has gone through a variety of evolutions – or ‘pivots‘ as they’re called in the software start-up business.

I was integral to developing the software concept, designing the User Interface and analyzing and helping to guide the unique selling position. While my role wasn’t exactly writing and directing, many of the disciplines needed to put together cogent and engaging ads and films are exactly the disciplines needed to put together cogent and engaging software.

I can also say that condensing a software startup’s concept and potential into a 10 page slide presentation for potential investors requires exactly the same discipline as condensing months of research, discussions and strategy review into a :30 tv spot.

It was a fascinating journey, especially being in the front row of the development of a mobile first technology. When we first started on the path to mobile, smartphone penetration was about 30-35% in Canada – and about 70% of those phones were Blackberry. Time have changed indeed from those days when many potential clients asked in all seriousness whether we thought this smartphone thing would catch on in a big way.

I am delighted to say that the company recently closed a Series A financing of two million dollars and is launching in the U.S. November 1.

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