Reflections on how small the world is becoming.

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This is how far media and technology have come…

To try to get the latest updates on  the terrible goings on in Ottawa today, I had the television on at the same time as I was skimming through the hashtag #OttawaShooting on twitter on my smartphone. I don’t think I was unique in having two platforms going.

One of the ‘newspapers’ I follow on twitter is the Guardian in the UK.

And they tweeted out (or in retrospect I guess it was a retweet) a link to a video of the gunfire encounter inside the Parliament Buildings.

I clicked on the link – to YouTube –  and was a bit surprised to see the watermark of The Globe and Mail in the corner. And then, as the video played, and I was looking at my phone, I heard similar sounds coming from the TV… and looked up to see the same video playing on CTV, almost in sync.

So, just to recap: through twitter, a British newspaper told me about a smartphone video shot by a Canadian reporter(@josh_wingrove) for the Globe and Mail which I viewed simultaneously on YouTube and national television.

Brave new world of technology indeed.