Taste Above All!: Writer


Sorry about the technical quality on this one. I included it on the site because it made quite a stir at the  time – 1989. So much so that in a meeting I had in 2013 I was chatting about old television commercials with a chap and he mentioned this out of the blue as one he always remembered.

A marketing aside – to launch the great new taste of Diet Pepsi I suggested a BoGo offer – but with a twist. ‘We are so confident you’ll love the taste of new Diet Pepsi‘ we said…that the consumer could buy a 2-litre bottle of any other soft drink from any manufacturer and receive a 2-litre bottle of Diet Pepsi for free. Everyone thought it was crazy at first – but it was wildly successful. So much so that it was a case sturdy at Pepsi’s headquarters in Purchase NY until as late as 2002.