The new mantra: IWWIWWIWI

I’m not really one for acronyms. One of the best lines I ever heard about them was years ago when I asked a tech guy what FTP or something stood for and he replied: ‘It’s just another TLA’.

It had already taken up most of the gumption I had to look like a fool and ask the first question in front of everyone in the meeting so after this reply I was kind of torn. Do I nod sagely like I ‘Ahh, of course, silly me, part of the TLA family’, or do I plunge in deeper and ask what THAT means or…fortunately he saved me with excellent mercy and comedic timing.

“It’s another Three Letter Anagram. We just use them to confuse people.’

To digress for just one more paragrpah – I remember listening to a radio show about marketing buzzwords and the subject of WOM came up for Word Of Mouth. And, as the interviewer deftly pointed out to the interviewee, only people using marketing jargon could justify an abbreviation that actually has more syllables than the original phrase.

Anyway — what is IWWIWWIWI?

For me, this is the thing that every communicator, marketer and business has to remember and is at the core of the technological revolution we find ourselves in the midst of:

I Want What I Want When I Want It.

Whether it’s a TV show, dinner, my bus or a website.

I Want What I Want When I Want It.

It is also implicit that  ‘When I Want It’ transcends physical space. In the case of media, I want it on my phone or my computer or my tablet or my television or whatever is either in front of me now – or gives me the most convenient or most satisfying way of consuming it in the future. (i.e. – sending a link from your mobile phone to your PC to watch something on a bigger screen with better sound.)

I know it’s not a TLA, but it’s still easier to remember than File Transfer Protocol.

I Want What I Want When I Want It.